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What matters to us are the details. An apartment is a long term investment. This is why details are so important. They make the difference between a standard apartment and a truly comfortable one.

facilitati apartament smart home

Smart Home System

Smart home is the connection between you and your home. This technology helps you prepare your home in advance, at the right temperature, right from your phone or tablet. Be sunny. Be Smart.

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Loggia Balcony

Loggias offer protection against bad weather, which translates into added utility and comfort.

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating guarantees premium thermal comfort thanks to a stable temperature throughout the whole apartment.

facilitati apartament spatii vitrate

Large Windows

Light matters, which is why we chose a bright architecture that creates natural atmosphere for each apartment.

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The Sunny

Sunny people are people with bright, happy faces.

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They are the people who live with serenity and enjoy life, while respecting others.

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They are the people who respect others’ success and live though their own success cheerfully.

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They know that ambition, passion and focus towards their own path are the ingredients of true success.

forma geometrica raze soare forma geometrica raze soare

A Sunny attitude has to do with the joy to be alive, regardless of income or social class.

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It is time to show that we have a Sunny attitude. The attitude of Sunny people.

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Wallberg, an award-winning developer for “Investing in Local Markets”, with over 16 years of experience. The company’s portfolio includes over 1500 apartments built in different cities in the country, among which we mention Arad Plaza (High End project of the Year in Romania) and the luxury project Bourgeois Residence, completed in Arad, a villa project in Cluj Napoca, Sunnyville Brașov project , Sunnyville Garden ” The best residential complex mass market ” and Xcity Towers in Timișoara. The company, leader in the premium segment of the residential projects market in the western part of the country, has in its portfolio over 170000 sq m built, with about 100 million euros invested and is currently initiating a new project in Timișoara.

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In addition to the exceptional construction quality, each Wallberg project is a unique concept, both at the architectural level and in terms of the concept of living.

We do not just build residential buildings. We build true housing concepts. In this way we define excellence at Wallberg Properties: Excellence in the quality of construction and the quality of living.

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We innovate through living concepts. A Wallberg project is an innovative concept both in terms of design, architecture and construction, and in terms of project’s interaction with people.

This is how innovative spaces are developed that give comfort and value to the lives of Wallberg clients. Because excellence means doing things in a way out of the ordinary, which improves people’s lives.

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One of the Wallberg basic principles is the activity operation in an ethical way. Everything we make goes by moral values, which ensure correctness, respect for customers, partners, employees and shareholders.

The work environment is an environment where the people are partners and the transparency and honesty underline these partnership relations. We like to say that all our projects are built for customer and together with our customers.

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Added value for the client

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PWe create added value for our clients through the building quality and the architectural and living concepts. Our clients are always our partners.The value that a customer is experiencing both at the level of comfort day by day if he lives in one of our projects and at financial level (in case of investments or resale).

History has shown that the Wallberg projects have always brought added value for our clients.

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Common prosperity

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We create value for the company by creating value for the client. In this way, the client becomes our partner. This is another basic principle of Wallberg philosophy.

Furthermore, Wallberg projects are designed in such a way as to increase the value of the region where they are built, to respect the environment and to be true markers for the community prosperity. wallberg website viziteaza

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